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My Story

At the start of 2015 I started to get increasingly fed up in my job. To make matters worse, my Teacher husband was loving his job. Every day he could see the difference he was making in his work and I could no longer see purpose in my role.

I started to get jealous of him and realised I’d had enough. I was sick of the long hours, the office politics, the restriction, travelling all over the country for my work and staying away from home. I was tired of not being around like I wanted to be for my kids. Leaving the house when it was still dark and getting home in the dark.

And then there was the guilt! I felt guilty for not being around when the kids came home from school and being too tired to be fully present with them when I did get home. I also felt guilty at work for leaving the office early if I needed to go to parents evening or sports day. I’d feel the judgement for not staying late every day from my manager and colleagues.

I remember one time when my youngest daughter was ill and had to take the day off school. Me and my husband were in the kitchen arguing over who’s turn it was to be off with the kids! Uugh! It was a frantic, messy time for our family.

It was during this time that I discovered podcasts. There was no one in my ‘real life’ that had the business I wanted or who was doing whatI wanted to do. Podcasts opened up a whole new world for me and showed my what was possible for me. I’ll never forget how inspired I felt when I listened to them.

I finally made a commitment to myself that by the end of 2015 I’d have left my job and started my business. So, I made a plan. I worked out the financials and with the help of a trusted coach, I was able to start my business by the end of that year!

I promised myself that as soon as I was able to. I’d start my own podcast that would help others to feel inspired too.


I’ve honestly never looked back! It’s not always been easy but the worse day as an entrepreneur is still better than being in corporate for me.

In January 2018, I started my first podcast which is now called Choose Courage and I’m about to launch another one called Podcasting for Business. Starting my podcast has been the BEST thing I’ve done in my business. It’s opened up so many doors for me and I’ve met some incredible people!

I work with entrepreneurs and brands to launch a podcast that helps them to grow their businesses and connect with their audience.


DO YOU WANT to launch your podcast BUT you’ve no idea how to get started?

Book your free call with me today to talk about if a podcast is right for you and the best way to get started.

I’ll help you to create the podcast and business you’ve always wanted  I’ll be there to guide you, support you and be your cheerleader. I’ll be right beside you with practical guidance and a gentle push (or kick up the bum if you like!) when you need it.

I’ll take you from the very early idea stages of starting your podcast, to launching and growing your audience and business.

even if ‘tech’ scares you and you feel like you’ve no time!

MY AIM IS TO MAKE YOU FEEL 100% READY AND confident TO launch and grow your podcast SUCCESSFULLY AND PROFITABLY, FEELING INSPIRED AND thinking ‘I’ve got this’



I live in the North of England with my husband and two daughters.

We have a rescue dog called Milo and a Sausage Dog called Frank as well as a cat called Parker, two Rabbits, a Tortoise and an African Pygmy Hedgehog! (Yes, I adore animals!).

I’ve got a 1976 VW Campervan called Daisy. When we travel in her I totally imagine myself as a young Stevie Nicks!

One of my biggest goals in life is to own a home in Cornwall in the UK overlooking the sea. It’s my family's happy place (as well as at home!).

I’ve had a really successful 20 plus year HR and business career in the UK. The parts I loved about my HR roles were always where I could coach and mentor people to be the best they could be and help them to progress in their careers. However, I found that the more senior I became in HR, the more out of alignment I felt in my job.

I'm an eternal student. I love learning and am passionate about personal development. I’ve invested thousands of pounds in my development and education which I love to pass on to my clients.


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