• I live in the North of England with my husband and two daughters.
  • We have a rescue dog called Milo as well as two cats called Alan and Parker, two Rabbits, a Tortoise and an African Pygmy Hedgehog! (Yes, I loves me a good pet!).
  • I’ve got a 1976 VW Campervan called Daisy. When we travel in her I totally imagine myself as a young Stevie Nicks!
  • One of my biggest goals in life is to own a home in Cornwall in the UK overlooking the sea. It’s my family's happy place (as well as at home!).
  • I love Law of Attraction and energy work. I used to be a sceptic but I’ve seen how many wonderful things I’ve attracted into my life by using the principles.
  • I’ve had a really successful 17 year HR career in the UK. The parts I loved about my HR roles were always where I could coach and mentor people to be the best they could be and help them to progress in their careers. However, I found that the more senior I became in HR, the more out of alignment I felt in my job.
  • I use essential oils every day for everything from having a sore throat to helping me feel abundant! (and ya know, they smell amazing too!)
  • I'm an eternal student. I love learning and am passionate about personal development