Make More Sales as an Entrepreneur Over Black Friday Weekend

This year Black Friday is on 23rd November. A whopping £1.4bn was spent on online sales in the UK on Black Friday - up 11.7% on last year, according to online retailers trade body IMRG. American shoppers spent a record $5 billion in 24 hours. A 16.9% increase in dollars spent online compared with the year before according to data from Adobe Digital Insights.

For online business owners in particular Black Friday is a huge deal! So, how can you make sure you maximise the weekend and boost your sales?

Here are 6 tips to help you!

Create urgency

This is a great tactic for Black Friday weekend as the deals are only available for a very limited time. Why not go a step further and use an online timer too. There re loads of free ones to download from the internet.

Reward loyal customers.

Don’t lose sight of your own loyal customers. Perhaps consider having two or more deals for Black Friday. One for new customers and an even better one for your existing customers. Reward your clients and customers and they’ll stay loyal to you and your brand.

Be different.

Think about how inboxes are going to be packed with Black Friday deals over the coming weeks and consider how you can stand out from the crowd. How can you get creative with your offer and market it in an unusual way to be memorable?

Donate some of your profits to charity.

Consider donating some of your profits from the offer to charity and make sure your clients and customers know. Give them the opportunity to share this on social media too and keep them updated on where the donations are going.

Engage with your audience

How do you know what offers will resonate the most with your audience? ASK THEM! I see so many businesses put offers out online without properly researching if it’s what their customers want. Give them a heads up that you’ll be doing a special Black Friday offer, let them know you’ll be doing something special for existing customers and ask them what they’d love to see in the offer. This will start to create a buzz and you know they want the offer before you put time and effort into promoting it.

Focus on giving value

When your clients and customers buy from you over Black Friday weekend how will you follow up with them? Make sure you’ve created an automated email sequence for your new customers to engage them after the initial sale. In the emails let them know more about you and your brand as well as sending them tons of value. Perhaps, related blog posts, podcast episodes, free training videos then lead them to another opportunity to buy from you.

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