What can you learn from me climbing a hill at Bootcamp?: 3 strategies to get ahead as a new entrepreneur.

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That’s me in the picture. I'm near the front there with the pale blue vest top on, crawling up that hill at a snail's pace.

Why? It was a bootcamp run by two ex-marines! It was truly hardcore!

This is what it can feel like sometimes when you're starting a business when you don't get the help and support you need.

This picture always interests me. What you'll see are some people right at the bottom of the hill taking their time and strolling along, never really getting started. Then there are some people who made a great start but despite their efforts are struggling part way up the hill to progress. 

Finally, there are the rest who are further up the hill, working hard to reach the top. It doesn't look pretty and in fact it's pretty messy but they're there. Doing it.

When you think about your own journey as a new entrepreneur, where would you be on this hill? If you’re right at the top screaming, ‘I’m King of the world!’ Amazing! I’m so happy for you!

If you’re anywhere else on that hill, I’ve got some tips that will help you to get further up in one piece.

I'm not a fan of the so called 'hustle', Working every hour of the day. But whatever you do, don't be fooled into thinking that starting your own business is going to be a breeze.

Just get started already!

If you’re spending too much time thinking about your business idea and telling yourself that all the internet research you’ve been doing is absolutely necessary, then it’s time for some tough love! This is procrastination in it’s truest form I’m afraid. Making you think you’re doing busy, necessary work when actually you’re just putting off the decision making and action taking. 

If you’ve got a few ideas and don’t know which one to pick, just pick one. Any one and get started. You’ll know very quickly if it’s what you want to do and you’ll learn super quickly ‘on the job’. 

Keep Going!

I see you. Half way up that hill. You’re so full of passion for what you’re doing and you were so determined but your energy has just gone. You feel done. 

We all have those moments in business. I find when I start to feel drained it helps if I go back to my ‘why’. I remember why I started this business in the first place. 

I list out all the reasons on paper. I write down who I serve, who will be impacted as a result of my work, how my own family benefit and I continue writing until I start to feel a tiny spark inside to get going again. Then I put my game face on, put on some energetic tunes and get to work. 

I told you it wasn’t always pretty but my ‘why’ is strong enough to get me started again when I’m not feeling it. 

Is that another hill?

Those of you at the top screaming, ‘I’m King of the world!’ turn around. Is that another hill you can see? Yes, yes it is. 

My point is that you’re never ‘at the top’ and finished. There’s more work to be done! There’s always more to learn and more to accomplish and the journey is so exciting and rewarding on its own. 

The minute you tell yourself any different is the minute you start to stagnate in your business. 

The difference for you now though is you can take your time and get strategic about the direction you want to go next. 

If you’re about to start your climb up that hill, get some good shoes on, keep hydrated and strong. I hope I’ll see you on the way up!

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