4 Tips for the Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur (and those with 'shiny object' syndrome!)

Every year my Dad and his wife take all of his grandchildren (plus me) to a Christmas pantomime or show.

The kids look forward to it and love it! This time it was The Christmas Carol so it was lovely and really got us into the spirit of the season.

Whilst I was there I took the opportunity to quietly ask my Dad’s wife for some gift ideas for my Dad as he’s interested in so many things I never know where he’s up to! She laughed at this and rolled her eyes in amusement as she is all too aware of how many multiple interests my Dad has. One month it will be stone carving the next it will be cycling!

This got me thinking about all the multi-passionate women who might be holding back on creating their business or changing careers because they just can’t decide the direction they want to go in.

If this is you, firstly I’d like to say, it’s ok to be multi-passionate! If you find yourself flitting from one thing to another it doesn’t mean you lack focus or that you’re flaky despite what people around you might be saying to you.

The key is not to let your interest in so many business ideas or careers hold you back from taking action towards your dream business or career.

So, with that in mind, here are my tips for multi-passionate entrepreneurs:


Embrace it!

Own the fact that you have many interests. As someone who is also multi-passionate I can’t imagine doing one thing for the rest of my life. When I hear about people getting long service awards for being with the same business for 20 years plus it makes my stomach flip! That’s great for some people, but not for the multi-passionate.

When people ask you the dreaded question, ‘so, what do you do?’ it’s ok to say, ‘what don’t I do?!’ or ‘at the moment I …’ The sooner you embrace who you are, the sooner you’ll feel better about it.


Just get started!

I’ve said before that clarity comes with action. If you’re getting paralysed thinking about the direction you want to take and what type of business you want to create, just pick one.

It honestly doesn’t matter what you choose. Want to know why? Well, every goal we set for ourselves has the ultimate aim of us wanting to feel a particular emotion. In the case of our businesses and careers it’s usually to feel happy, fulfilled or have a purpose. The overall aim is always the same then if you look at it this way. How you choose to get there is manifested in different ways thats all.

Pick an idea that interests you and you feel passionate about and just start! Explore how it makes you feel to take action with what you’ve chosen. Lean into it and see where it leads you.


Not every passion has to be a business!

As you’ve already read, my Dad has so many hobbies and interests. He hasn’t however created a business around all of them! In some instances, creating a business from a hobby can take away your enjoyment of it.

On the flip side, there are some incredible businesses that have evolved from a hobby and they are really successful. It’s important to tune into this and ask yourself if you can do your hobby all day, every day. (not that I want you to be working that many hours!) Also ask yourself if you can make the money you want to make with this hobby.

If the answer to both questions is yes, Great! Go for it. If it’s a no however, use some caution and keep your hobby a hobby and consider some of your other ideas for a business.


Finish what you start.

The issue for multi-passionate entrepreneurs isn’t the lengthy list of interests, flitting between ideas or even wanting to do everything. The problem is when you don’t finish something. If you make a commitment to yourself and then stop before you’re finished because there’s another shiny object you’ve seen, you’re going to feel bad about it.

You don’t need to narrow down your passions, just make sure you finish what you’ve committed to yourself. This will motivate you when you’re pursuing your other interests and business ideas.


If you’re struggling to decide on the direction you want to take I’d love to help you! Book your free chemistry call with me here where we can discuss your situation and decide if we’re a good fit to work together. 

With love,

Lynsay Anne xx