5 Crazy Ways to Stop Fear Holding You Back in Your Business

Fear is one of my favourite subjects!

Why the heck do I enjoy talking about fear? Well, I know how transformational it can be to look at fear differently I put off starting my own business for a long time because of fear until in 2015 I decided I’d had enough.

I was jealous of my husband who could see the difference he was making every day in his job.

He had purpose in his job and I no longer felt that way in mine. I’d been in HR and Corporate for 22 years and the more senior I became the less aligned I felt with my work.

I was no longer able to help the people I’d got into HR for in the first place. It felt like t had become more about supporting the businesses I worked for instead.

In September 2015 I decided that I would have quit my job and started my business by the end of the year and I did.

I came up against fear so many times during that time and still to this day so I’ve learned a few things that I know will help you on your own journeys.

First up I want to say that fear is not a bad thing. It can keep us safe!

It starts becoming an issue when we let it take the driving seat.

When we let it make our decisions

When we allow it to keep us playing small


So the first question I have for you is:

How and when does fear show up for you?

Think about where in the body you feel the fear. What situations make you feel fear?

The next question I have for you is:

What is fear preventing you from doing in your life and business? 

What opportunities have you turned down because of fear? If you weren’t afraid what would you have done?

Some of the reasons I hear most often from women about why they can’t start their business or up-level in their business are as follows:


  • I’ve got too many ideas, I don’t know where to start
  • I’m not talented enough
  • Who would want to work with me?
  • Someone else is already doing the business I want to have
  • I’m not techy
  • My family will think I’m crazy
  • What will my colleagues and boss think?
  • I can’t afford to start a business
  • It’s too risky
  • I'm too old
  • I'm too young

They all feel like perfectly valid reasons not to progress in the moment but it is just your fear saying these things to you. You are not your fear!

You’re human and it’s so natural to have fear.

It’s one of our most primal feelings and it keeps us safe.

But, we’re not living in the wild anymore.

We don’t have to fear for our lives because there’s a Mammoth running after us. You’re ok!

If any of those comments resonated with you I’ve got 5 strategies to share with you that will help you view fear differently and help you progress regardless.

Just get started! 

Procrastination is the purest form of fear there is in business.

If you’re spending too much time thinking about your business idea and telling yourself that all the internet research you’ve been doing is absolutely necessary, then it’s time for some tough love!

This is procrastination in it’s truest form I’m afraid. Making you think you’re doing busy, necessary work when actually you’re just putting off the decision making and action taking.

If you’ve got a few ideas and don’t know which one to pick, just pick one. Any one and get started. You’ll know very quickly if it’s what you want to do and you’ll learn super quickly ‘on the job’.

Fear isn’t going away.

If there’s one thing I know to be true about fear it’s that it won’t go away.

Before you get freaked out by that let me explain.

Even the most successful entrepreneurs feel fear when they up-level in their businesses and try new things. The difference is that they allow the fear to come along for the ride but they do not let it take the steering wheel.

They acknowledge the fear.

Something like, ok, I can see I’m scared but what exactly is it I’m scared of here?

They tune into where the fear is coming from and deal with it.

They ask questions about it.

So for example when you’re scared of going live on facebook, you might be scared of being judged.

You could ask yourself, have I judged anyone for going live on facebook?

What evidence do I have that I’ll be judged?

Why does it matter anyway?

‘Fear is just excitement without breath’ 

I adore this quote. Did you know the processes in our bodies that are responsible making us feel excited are the same as those that make us feel fear? Incredible! 

If you can see fear in this way, it’s not as scary. Fear can be expansive.

That fluttery butterfly feeling you get inside when you’re scared but really excited too like when you’re going on a first date or it’s you first day in a new job.

It feels scary but you wouldn’t let that feeling stop you from going on the date or starting that new job would you?

If you’re feeling scared about starting your business or getting more visible in a business you already have, then please know that this fear is EXPANSIVE! Growth is on the other side. I promise you!

It’s not about you!

Always remember that when you’re spending time thinking about how scared you are and telling yourself you’re not good enough, this is precious time you could be spending serving others.

When you focus your energies 100% on the people you want to serve and your potential new clients, then you won’t have the room to feel scared anymore because you’ll see that it’s not about you. It never was. You wanted to start your business to serve others.

The experiences you’ve had, the talents, skills and messages you have need to be shared to help others. Think about the person in your life that has had the biggest positive impact on you with what they know. Just stop for a moment to think about what your life would be like if they’d never shared their message with you? How would your life be different?

The ripple effect you can create by sharing your gifts with the world (or just with one person)  can be so far reaching you have no comprehension just yet. But you will. I promise. If you remember it’s not about you. It’s always about those you serve.

Doubt your fear and trust your intuition

You know what’s best for you even if you don’t believe that right now.

In the past you may have made decisions based on fear.

Perhaps you’ve stayed in a job you hate for too long because you’re scared about if you’ll get another job.

By making decisions from a place of fear and lack, we learn to doubt ourselves.

Remember that there's been countless decisions you've made in your life that have been great decisions for you but it’s human nature that you’ve focused on those couple of occasions you’ve not made the right decision.

We tell ourself that if we move forward and make the wrong decision our career will be over! That’s just the fear talking.

Instead of doubting your intuition and trusting your fear how about flipping the switch?

How about doubting your fear and trusting your intuition?

I use this in every decision I need to make in my career and business and it’s never let me down.

I’ve learned that on the other side of fear is massive growth! By trusting my intuition I’ve avoided potentially disastrous situations but more importantly I’ve been opened up to opportunities I’d never have expected.

You might find this a bit too ‘woo-woo’ but when you’re making decisions about your career and whether to create your own business it’s important to be guided by your intuition, your gut.

Trust yourself. You know you better than anyone else. Be bold and get into action today because clarity truly comes with action.


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