How can you feel more abundant when your bank account says you're broke?

I speak to a lot of women who feel they can't invest in themselves or their businesses or do what they want to do because of the lack of money. 

Here are some ways to feel more abundant even if you currently feel like you don't have enough. 

1. Give some money to charity. 

Even if it's a small amount, the act of giving to someone else will make you feel better about your finances. 

2. Treat a friend.

Even if you feel like you don't have enough, shouting a friend to a coffee feels lovely. (woo, woo warning!!) The more you do things like this, the more the universe will send money your way. 

3. Try the wallet method.

I can't remember where I read this one, but the idea is that you keep a £50/$50 bill in your purse or wallet and don't spend it immediately. As you go about your day, and you see things you'd like to buy you mentally spend the money and tell yourself 'I could buy that'. You're essentially 'spending' the money multiple times each day without actually parting with it just yet and gets you out of 'lack' mindset.

4. Act as if.

Is one of your goals to have a beautiful home? A new car? A holiday home? A designer handbag? Whatever it is, the idea here is to act as if you already have it. So, you could go to see a new home or test drive the car, or rent a gorgeous holiday home for a few days or even rent the designer bag! (yes, you can actually do that!) The point is you're putting yourself in the shoes of the future you and programming your mind to think you've already achieved your goals.

5. Use your 'best' stuff!

What the heck do I mean? Burn your favourite candle, use the 'best' bath oils you have, use the fancy guest towels etc... You get the idea! Don't keep things for 'best'! Every day is a special day!

6. Flip the switch.

When we feel in lack we attract more lack to us. But! The moment you switch your thinking from 'I can't get that' to 'How can I get that?' you immediately change your energy into a much more positive space. Focus on how to get the thing instead of not having the thing!

Hope that's helped ladies!

Let me know in the comments what you think and share any other tips you have to feel abundant. xx

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