How to save time in your business with a Podcast!

One of the biggest reasons that people tell me they haven't quite yet started their own podcast is to do with time.

So I'm sure you can all relate. People think that it's going to be just another thing that they have to do in their already busy week.

  • You've got your blog to write,

  • you've got your emails to send out,

  • you've got to go live in your group and on your page.

  • you’ve got client calls to make

AND all the other hundred and one things that you've got to do in your business.

But what if I told you it could be different with your podcast?

Rather than thinking of your podcast as something extra that you've got to do, you can actually think about your podcast as being at the centre of absolutely everything you do in your business.

So today I’m going to walk you through a very simple model about how you're podcast can be at the center of your business and everything else can come off of it.

It will save you so much time and energy and it will just feel much simpler for you.

So, if you've been thinking about starting your own podcast, but you're worried about time and getting everything into your week when you're already manic busy, then this is for you!

Take a look at this diagram below illustrating the model for you.

Your Podcast at the centre.jpg

The model puts your podcast right at the center of everything that you do. At the heart of it. If you imagine a spider diagram with your podcast in the middle and then coming out of it we've got all the other aspects of your business.

What are all the different aspects?

  • Blog

  • Facebook Live

  • Social media posts

  • Courses & Programs

  • Membership

  • Book

  • YouTube

There are of course more but we’ll focus on those seven here.


If your podcast is at the center of your business, your blog can actually be created from the content on your podcast. There are loads of transcription services available where you can transcribe your episodes that will then form the basis of your blog posts each week. Rather than producing a blog and a podcast and everything else, your podcast is actually your blog each week, or at least the basis of it.

Facebook Live

There are lots of opportunities to go live to talk about your podcast. You could also, if you're very brave, record your podcast episode at the same time as going live on Facebook. Which is another tactic. On the day each week that your episode is published, you can talk about your podcast on a live stream, detailing the key aspects. You can introduce the guest expert that you've got on that episode and go a bit deeper about one particular part of it.

Social Media Posts

With your podcast, you have endless opportunities to create posts for your social media. I'm talking about Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, even Pinterest, which isn't strictly social media but lots of us use it. You can use snippets of the audio to create a post that you can then upload onto your Facebook page or your Instagram feed, to promote the episode that you've published. Podclipper or is great for this! You could also take quotes from your podcast episode and put them into a post. You could probably makes around 20-30 different posts from a 30 minute episode!

Courses & Programmes

You might be thinking how on earth can your podcast help you create your courses? Well, when you start to grow your listenership, they will guide you and tell you about what they want to hear more of, what they want to learn more about. What they want from you! Have a look at your statistics and you'll be able to see what your most popular episodes are. You'll then be able to see exactly what your listeners are enjoying hearing from you the most, which can form the basis of your courses. It's market research for free! Your ideal listeners are tuning in to your podcast week in and week out. They see you’re are creating all this amazing content for them and they’ll want more from you. Just be guided by your listeners and create what they want.


In terms of membership, there are so many podcasters who have memberships as well, alongside their podcast. My membership is being re-branded at the moment. It’s going to be related to my podcast going forward, which I'm really excited about.

Your podcast is the top of your funnel where you deliver tonnes of value to your listeners who then want more from you and join your membership. They will then see all the other products and services you offer and could purchase more of them too. Your membership would need to be centered around the theme of your podcast. So, if your podcast is all about marketing, you would have a membership that is focused around marketing. Simple!


The next one is a book. Lots of people, including the fabulous Carrie Green, when she launched her book a couple of years ago, ‘She Means Business’, actually started a podcast before the book launched to start to talk about the book. She read excerpts from her book in the podcast, she got experts on, she had guests, she had interviews. She used that podcast as a way to drive sales of her book, which is a fantastic business model if you think about it. Carrie also has a membership as well so she utilised the three really well.


The other, final, business aspect we’ll cover here is YouTube. There are lots of podcasters who use YouTube as a secondary way to get their content out there. So if you already have a YouTube channel, you could use the audio from your videos to create your podcast episodes.

A great example of this is the lovely Marie Forleo. She has Marie TV, and creates an episode every week on video. Quite often, video doesn't translate well just to audio. But, what Marie does, is at the start of the podcast, she says ‘this is the podcast version of the award-winning show Marie TV, and if you want to see all the things you can't see right now, head over to my website and watch the video’.

Marie links the two brilliantly. That can be possible for you, too. So if you already have a YouTube channel, think about how you can use the audio to create podcast episodes and vice versa. Also, if you create a podcast episode first, you can record yourself while recording the episode on video and then put that up on to YouTube too to reach a whole other audience!

You can also just have the Youtube video as a plain screen with just the subtitled text running across the screen, but it's much nicer to show your face if you can, even if it's only recorded from the side, that's absolutely fine, too.

So, there you have it!

Now you can can start to see and paint a picture of how a podcast can actually be at the very center of everything else you do in your business. The opportunities to repurpose your podcast content are endless. you can see how one piece of content, (your episode) is actually driving all the content you produce in your business!

If you are still thinking about starting a podcast and you'd love to get some more help, I would love to see you over in my Facebook group, I Choose Courage Collective. Over the next few weeks we're going to be sharing a lot more information about podcasting and how you can get started and how you can really use your show as the basis of everything you produce in your business.

I’ve also created the Essential Podcasting and How To guide for you to show you exactly what’s involved in producing each episode and what you need to get started.