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Are You Ready To Start Your Own Podcast?

My own podcasting journey started in 2015. I was thinking about finally quitting my job to fully commit to starting my own business. There was no one in my real life who had taken the leap into becoming an entrepreneur and I was looking for inspiration and proof that it was possible! I came across a few podcast shows and immediately fell in love with the medium.

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The 7 Reasons That Podcasting is Great for Your Business

I’ve been podcasting now since January 2018 and I love it. My show is listened to in 49 different countries now and that fact alone blows my mind! To know that there are people listening to my show in India, Brazil, China, the US and many others is crazy!

In this post we’re going to have a deep dive into the reasons why podcasting is great for your business.

So, I’ve got 7 reasons to walk you through and hopefully by the end of this episode, if your were thinking about podcasting and were on the fence about it, I’ll have inspired you to start your own show!

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