This 6 week self study program is for you if you're ready to create your escape plan from your 9-5! You'll create your plan, find your ideal clients, work on the beliefs that are holding you back from building a business you love and get practical guidance to start and grow your business.

The 'Getting Started with Podcasting' course will show you exactly what you need to do in plain terms without spending a ton of money on equipment and time you don't have! 

The number of women who listen to podcasts has grown significantly in the last year and they're set for an even bigger growth next year as more women discover podcasts. Make sure you're there and ready for this growth with your own show!



In this self study course you will learn exactly how to start and grow your email list by creating gorgeous freebies for your future clients as well as learn all the technical aspects of integrating your freebie with your email service provider.

Please don’t worry if you don’t feel you’re ‘techie’ This is broken down in detail and theres even a private Facebook group to get further support!