Escape The 9-5 Digital Program


This 6 week program is for the woman who is ready to create her escape plan from her 9-5, know who her ideal clients are, work though her limiting beliefs about money and attract her first paying clients.

If you’re looking for a self study option to get started in your business, escape the 9-5 digital is for you!

What can you expect from the program?

  • You will create your detailed action plan to escape your 9-5

  • You will be super clear on how to monetize your own natural talents and skills and how to package them for your ideal clients (I promise you do have them even if you think you don’t!)

  • You will know who your ideal customers and clients are and where to find them

  • You will identify your limiting beliefs about money and learn how to move forward in your business

  • You will create a detailed financial plan so that you can quit your 9-5 sooner than you think

  • You will discover how to shorten your timeline to success and how you can quit sooner without working harder

  • You will feel aligned with your decision to build an online business and be able to get your family and friends onboard with your ideas

  • You will identify the time sucking activities in your week and learn to create time to work on your business whilst still in your 9-5 You will learn how to set yourself up as an expert in your field with credibility and create connections with influencers by getting visible online

  • You will learn how to create your first free opt-in offer to start to build your email list


“I’ve just completed Lynsay’s amazing Escape the 9-5 programme and really enjoyed it. There were lots of a-ha and penny dropping moments right from the beginning of the course.

I stepped out of my comfort zone on many occasions and this is when I got clarity and brave with so many things. It gave me the courage to quit one of my 2 part time jobs and now I just work 4 days a week! Thank you Lynsay!”

Louise Ennis - Coach and Hypnotherapist




  • How to feel good about wanting more from your career and life.

  • How to get your family and friends on board with your new chosen path.

  • Discover your passion so you feel in complete alignment with your business

  • How to create time in your day to work on your business ideas


  • Learn to utilise the skills and natural talents you already have so you can identify your Superpower!

  • How to monetize your skills so you can create an income as quickly as possible


  • Identify your ideal clients and customers

  • Start to craft the services or products that are aligned to your values and the way you want to work in your business.


  • Identify how your beliefs about money could be holding you back from earning what you desire

  • Learn how to develop a mindset of abundance around money.

  • Create your financial plan to enable you to quit your job sooner than you think!

  • Discover how affirmations can support your mindset around money


  • Identify the ways that you can compress your timeline to success without working harder so you can quit sooner!


  • Learn how to set yourself up as an expert in your industry,

  • Learn how to create connections and reach out to influencers so you feel confident in being visible online and in your business.


“I've had plenty of coaches and mentors in my career but this is the first time I've undertaken an online group programme but Lynsay's support and encouragement soon put me at ease. What you get out of the group is what you put in - the materials were fabulous and really easy to understand. They allowed you reflect and really think deeply about what you want to achieve from your career. I've really enjoyed the last few months and it's definitely given me the confidence to progress forward. Thank you Lynsay!”

Advita Patel - Communications Manager


What will you receive?

  • Welcome audio

  • Orientation Packet

  • 6 Modules

  • 6 beautiful Workbooks

  • Templates for all exercises

  • 6 audio recorded coaching calls from the live program

  • Escape the 9-5 Reading List

When you purchase Escape the 9-5 Digital you will be directed to the members area where you can create your login and access all of the materials straight away. This means you can work through the content at a pace that suits you. I suggest completing the modules in order from one to six and working on no more than one module each week. I also recommend using the Reading List to support your work.

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