069 with KC Rossi

In this week’s episode I’m talking to the lovely KC Rossi, a Business Coach who started out in business when she was just 19. Since then she has had 10 businesses including physical product businesses and service based businesses. 

During our conversation KC shares how she moved away from a 7 figure business to grow the business she has now.

You wil learn:

  • about the importance of having multiple income streams

  • how KC grew a product based business without spending money on online marketing using only traditional marketing methods

  • how she dealt with breaking up a business partnership to working alone as an introvert

  • how to deal with fear and be courageous as a new business owner

You can connect with KC below...

Web: www.kcrossi.com 

Instagram: my.coach.kc

Facebook: Women Developing Brilliance

Podcast: Women Developing Brilliance

FREE resources: HERE