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Is to help women to create businesses and careers they love without the restriction of a 9-5 job so they can live happy, fulfilled and successful lives on their terms.

At the start of 2015 I started to get increasingly fed up in my job. To make matters worse, my Teacher husband was loving his job. Every day he could see the difference he was making in his work and I could no longer see purpose in my role.

I started to get jealous of him and realised I’d had enough. I was sick of the long hours, the office politics, the restriction, travelling all over the country for my work and staying away from home. I was tired of not being around like I wanted to be for my kids. Leaving the house when it was still dark and getting home in the dark.

And the guilt! Oh, the guilt! I felt guilty for not being around when the kids came home from school and being too tired to be fully present with them when I did get home. I also felt guilty at work for leaving the office early if I needed to go to parents evening or sports day. I’d feel the judgement for not staying late every day from my manager and colleagues.

I remember one time when my youngest daughter was ill and had to take the day off school. Me and my husband were in the kitchen arguing over who’s turn it was to be off with the kids! Uugh! It was a frantic, messy time for our family.

I finally made a commitment to myself that by the end of 2015 I’d have left my job and started my business. So, I made a plan. I worked out the financials and with the help of a trusted coach, I was able to start my business by the end of that year!

I’ve created a business I love doing work I adore, around my family.

I’ve honestly never looked back! It’s not always been easy but the worse day as an entrepreneur is still better than being in corporate for me.

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Fast forward to 2018, and I now work with soulful women from all over the world to escape their 9-5 jobs and create businesses they adore!

Do you know you want more for your life and career but don’t know how to get there?

If that’s you, then my Signature Escape the 9-5 Private Mentorship is exactly for you.

I work with women like you who are ready to commit to creating the business they’ve day dreamed about in those long hours in the office and commuting! I’ll be there to guide you, support you and be your cheerleader. I’ll be right beside you with practical guidance and a gentle push when you need it.

I’ll take you from the very early stages of building your business, to escaping your 9-5, to being in your own successful business as soon as possible, and often within a few short months.  

My aim is to make you feel 100% ready and equipped to run your business successfully and PROFITABLY, feeling inspired and in control of your future.